Boomslang Patch Harness – Haltech Elite 2500

By | 10/05/2017

Boomslang patch harness Haltech Elite 2500 r32gtrHow hard can it be to move away from a stock R32 GTR ECU to an aftermarket solution such as the Haltech’s all singing and dancing Elite 2500? A plug and play patch harness would make the job an easy one right? Well not quite!

I was looking at a modern aftermarket ECU to replace my Mines Stage 2, I wanted a patch harness solution to avoid splicing into the factory loom or to wire in a the premium harness that is supplied with the Haltech Elite 2500 – after much research this was my preferred choice of ECU. After some searches on Google I came across one that was made by an unknown company – “Boomslang”. It was a little expensive at $500 (Haltech did not offer one at the time) but if it was to take away the pain of fitting the new ECU surely that is worth the extra?

I promptly ordered the patch harness and also the new Elite 2500 along with the WBC1 – wideband controller and a 6 port mini can hub.

Once both items had arrive I set about installation, patch harness connected, base map and I/O setup completed using Haltech ESP software all that was left to do was turn the key and start the engine.

What should have been s straightforward install turned into a night mare, myself and an engine mapper spent some 4+ hours trying to work out why the car was not starting, we went through all the I/O setups, all the pin outs and everything looked fine. We then set about physically swapping some pins on the multi pin Elite connectors for the “Crank Trigger -” and “Cam Home +” and to my surprise the car fired up and we proceeded to carry out a road tune and to get to about 80% of the map before a dyno tune.

Boomslang patch harness Haltech Elite 2500 r32gtrCouple of things I did notice, the Attesa light came on, I had no 4WD, this is because there was no output from pin 38 TPS to the Attesa ECU – This was another issue, something Boomslang failed to think about, also grounding pins were incorrectly wired up which meant the ecu was thowing up various DTC’s I feared potential ground loops – not something you want in a car.

I wanted some answers from Boomslang as to why they sold me a patch harness which appeared to be untested and had so many issues? Their response was one of great arrogance and that there was no issue with their harness! Well truth be told, their patch harness was absolutely useless and fit for the trash! So my advice avoid a Boomslang harness unless you want to run in to the same issues I had along with very poor after sales support. I am not sure if they updated their design but they seemed to think their harness was perfect so they may not have bothered.

Boomslang patch harness Haltech Elite 2500 r32gtrRather than wasting time, I reached out to Claudio Tavares at Haltech USA who went over and corrected the mistakes in Boomslang wiring design and supplied a much revised version. I ordered a new OEM ECU side connected for the patch harness and cut up the old one which I rewired with the inclusion of a Haltech TPS Follower which allowed for the TPS signal to feed to the Attesa ECU. (I must also thank Luke at Haltech Australia for the help on fitting and configuration and continued support to some of my other setup questions and issues since)

With the harness fully rebuilt I was able to run the car more or less with out any issues or DTC error from the ECU.

Conclusion: I put this down to a learning experience, it was unfortunate I had the issues I did, more so the lack of support and assistance from Boomslang being the worst of it. As I write this Haltech now offer a complete Elite 2500 patch harness solution for the R32/33/34 GTR models which I will buy in the near future to ensure reliability and I/O and connections working as they should.

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