Boomslang Patch Harness – Haltech Elite 2500

How hard can it be to move away from a stock R32 GTR ECU to an aftermarket solution such as the Haltech’s all singing and dancing Elite 2500? A plug and play patch harness would make the job an easy one right? Well not quite! I was looking at a modern aftermarket ECU to replace my Mines Stage 2, I wanted a patch harness solution… Read More »

R35 GTR Brembo Brake Conversion

There are many big brake upgrade kits available today for the Skyline GTR models ranging from budget conversions to full on AP Racing kits, however, we decided to use the brake system from mighty R35 GTR with its Brembo 6pot 380mm front and 4pot 380mm. By 1989 standards the BNR32 brake setup consists of 298×32… Read More »

Ohlins DFV (Road & Track) R32 GTR

Ohlins – A brand considered  amongst many as the ultimate in performance and motorsport focussed dampers and can be found on anything from road cars, to race saloons, single seaters,  motorbikes/ race bikes and even mountain bikes! When we were offered the chance to fit and test the Ohlins DFV (supplied by Carrozzeria Japan) on our Nissan… Read More »

Do Luck DTM II

The Do Luck DTM II replaces the Skyline GTR stock analogue G sensor and allows for faster Attesa control and response and takes 4wd control to another level in terms of both performance and response over the factory setup. There are other similar products on the market from the likes of Midori who offer two versions, a… Read More »

Supertec Racing RB26 Spline Drive Oil Pump Gear Kit

We launched the Supertec Racing Spline Drive RB26 oil pump gear kit in mid 2014 after a long R&D process. A new product that not only improves the over all strength of the pump gears as upgrades for the N1 and OEM pumps, but also changes in the way in which the gears engage with… Read More »

What is a Diffuser?

What is A diffuser?  In an automotive context, is a shaped section of the car underbody which improves the car’s aerodynamic properties by enhancing the transition between the high-velocity airflow underneath the car and the much slower freestream airflow of the ambient atmosphere. It works by providing a space for the underbody airflow to decelerate… Read More »